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Relamping means the replacement of traditional, halogen, or incandescent lamps in a lighting system, that are inefficient and cause energy wasting, with leds, which reduce the waste of energy, offer greater light output and longer duration in terms of hours.

The replacement of inefficient light bodies takes place without any intervention on the existing plant.

It is simply a matter of replacing the already existing light body with a new technology that ensures energy saving, high luminous efficiency and longer service life: LED technology

The solution proposed by TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA is the realization of LED REFITTING KITS that consists in the integration of LED boards within the lighting fixtures by replacing the inefficient illuminated part.

Thanks to the PCB manufacturing in-house, TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA produces the customized relamping kits, in order to meet the specific needs of the customer.

The existing luminaire is examed for relamping. After disassembling the lamp body by extracting the inside illuminating part, a REFITTING KIT is studied, designed and subsequently manufactured.

The REFITTING KIT is composed of an die-cast aluminum plate, power supply and heatsink at the superior part and LED matrix at the lower part.

REFITTING finds its proper application in various areas.


Lantern kit designed and manufactured for existing or newly installed lanterns. Particularly suitable for refitting lanterns of historical and architectural value.


The replacement kit for the sodium vapor lamps refitting or the damaged lighting part of the existing street lights refitting.


The kit for the industrial high bays illuminating parts refitting.

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