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Warranty policy and terms and conditions for the LED outdoor luminaires 

A.    TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA guarantees that the TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA branded products are warranted (years in letters) (years in numbers) years, as of the invoice date, if used in accordance with their intended purpose. The warranty is subject to the use for the intended purpose of the products and the installation in accordance with the user manual of use and maintenance. The warranty is issued by TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA exclusively to the customer whose name is stated on the invoice.
B.    The equipment warranty covers the repair or replacement of the faulty parts or the parts with manufacturing defects, based on TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA final decision.
C.    The detected defect must be communicated in writing to Tecno Lighting, to obtain the repair/replacement under warranty.
D.    The conventional warranty applies only when:

  1. The products are installed, used and maintained in accordance with the technical specifications reported on the product’s marking (with specific reference to the operating voltage and temperature), with the instructions provided with the product and with current standards.

  2. Installation and maintenance are carried out by qualified technical personnel.

  3. The reported defect affects the operation of the products.

  4. The product has not been in any way modified, altered or treated with chemicals or in any other way without the prior written consent of TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA.

  5. The product covered by the warranty is made available by TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA for further technical analyses and for the time required to conduct them.

  6. The defect must be notified in writing to TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA within 30 (thirty) days from the date of receipt of the goods (in case of visible defects) or from the discovery of the defect (in case of hidden defects).

  7. The defective product must be kept by the customer as is, as long as necessary to allow TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA to perform the necessary evaluations, aimed at identifying the cause of the failure.

  8. The customer has duly paid the product in conformity with the terms of payment specified in the sale agreement.

  9. The warranty has immediate effect from the purchase date, the invoice date serving as proof.

E.    The luminous flux depreciation is a normal phenomenon during the working life of the LED and is not covered by the warranty. The product can be considered defective when 3 or more LED’s are off (critical failure condition).
F.    Within the (years in numbers) (years in letters)-years period, the warranty covers up to max. (hours in numbers) working hours, corresponding on average to (hours in numbers) (hours in letters) working hours/day.
G.    In the event that the defect is recognized, TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA will choose, at its discretion, whether to repair or replace the product with the same product or with equivalent products, taking into account the technical evolution of the products and their components.
H.    Any technical intervention or replacement (partial or complete) of the product made during the period covered by the warranty will not provide entitlement to extensions or renewals thereof beyond (years in numbers) (years in letters) years from the date of supply, as the legal relationship between the parties has not been renewed.
I.    The repair or replacement of the product does not include costs or expenses for removal or reinstallation. Tecno Lighting shall not be held liable and therefore shall not refund any consequential loss suffered as a result of a defective product, such as costs and shipping, assembly costs, on-site installation costs, loss of profit, the total costs of the buyers.
J.    This warranty covers the whole product, including light remote controls, if any.
K.    The customer shall not claim anything else from TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA in relation to the faulty product. TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA shall not be charged any expenses that have been incurred to keep the defective product in store, nor any other costs and / or damages. Likewise, the customer shall not be entitled to request and / or claim any postponement of payments, price reduction or termination of the supply agreement.
L.    This commercial warranty DOES NOT COVER:

  1. Product defects caused by unexpected and unforeseeable events (e.g. fortuitous event and / or force majeure, including electrical discharges and lightning strikes), vandalism, unrest, fires and any other events whereby manufacturing defects cannot be claimed as a cause.

  2. Any damage caused to equipment or property due to product malfunctioning.

  3. Costs and expenses for labour, equipment/warehouse costs and expenses and any other extra cost relating to and/or resulting from any work needed to repair the defect (e.g. costs and expenses for assembly/disassembly, transportation of defective equipment to be repaired and new products will be held by the customer);

  4. Cost of assembly and disassembly.

  5. Periodic inspection, maintenance, repairs or replacement of parts subject to wear and tear;

  6. Costs and damage due to transport, handling or installation;

  7. Electrical components subject to wear that are considered wear material (e.g. batteries, etc.)

  8. Faults caused by surges exceeding the parameters specified in the norm IEC 61000-4-5:2005 and IEC 61547:2009 and if not indicated the overvoltage protection data in the technical datasheet provided at the time of purchase of the product.

  9. Abuse, misuse, improper installation or application;

  10. Products manufactured based on specific customer request, and approved by him;

M.    Fault assistance procedure:

  • As soon as the failure has been identified, the customer shall inform TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA in writing, copy the area dealer (if exists), giving information on the equipment type, the supply details (transport document or invoice number) and installation site. Such notice may be sent to

  • The guarantee is accepted upon presentation of the certificate regarding the proper installation and commissioning of the electrical system to which the product is connected.

  • Tecno Lighting will then authorize the customer to return the material to be repaired. Articles returned without first receiving the TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA authorizations will not be accepted.

  • Once the material has been received, TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA will analyse the failure, communicate the cause to the customer and whether the cause is covered by the warranty.

  • If the failure is covered by the warranty, TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA shall repair it for free; if it is not covered by the warranty, TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA shall communicate the cost of the repair to the customer and repair the part after receiving the customer’s authorization in writing.

  • TECNO LIGHTING ITALIA may charge the purchaser for the costs for returned products that are not to be defective or non-conforming, together with the costs of management, verification and associated transport.

  • The customer shall in no case request new products in replacement of the defective ones.

N. Technical disputes:

  • In the event of a technical dispute, the parties will have the product examined by a third-expert expert appointed by mutual agreement or, if no agreement is reached, by the president of the Court of Salerno (Italy).

  • The evaluation of the expert will be binding for both parties.

  • Each party will cover 50% of the expenses.

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