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Breathe life into the evening streets of your city.


The outdoor lighting solutions TL-HAT Series for public parks, squares and gardens will renew the urban landscape. Decorative lighting will attract the attention of tourists, create a bright night image of the city and at the same time provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for residents.


Open spaces such as parks, avenues, squares and public gardens are very important for city life, and the right lighting makes them unique. Attractive, original and charming Led lighting will help make open public spaces safer and more pleasant.

Application field

  • Historic centers, squares, parkings and gardens, pedestrian areas.

Product description

  • Body in die cast aluminum with low content of copper

  • UV and weather resistant epoxy powder coating

  • Fitting with 3/4 " threaded tube, to be bolted to the support structure with seal ring for watertight lockin

  • The threaded tube, and the bolt head to the structure is hidden by ornamental aluminum bushing

  • Stainless steel external screws and fittings

  • The lower ring is fitted with a neoprene seal that guarantees the product a total protection degree IP65

  • Degree of protection: IP65 | IK10

  • Optical consisting of a single block in aluminum that ensures the LED heat dissipation 

  • Optics based on high efficiency IP67 PMMA printed lenses, resistant to UV and mechanical impacts with protection degree IK10, with high precision collimators for light beam concentration

  • The circuit is painted with special insulating powder that increases protection from electrostatic discharge

  • On the dissipation structure IP67 optics are mounted with waterproof seal for the protection of LED circuit board

  • Average service life: >80.000h

  • Operating temperature: -40°C / +60°C


  • Overvoltage Protection up to 10kV

  • Control system: 0-100%, 0-10V signal, PWM, DALI, VMT (Virtual Midnight Timer), Wireless, DMX

  • Intelligent control systems

  • Brightness & presence sensor system

  • On-site driver programmability via NFC and its APP



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